Slow Down & Lead

This guy and I just got back from a 3 mile run.


He loves our morning runs.  He’s just as eager to go today as he was a decade ago.  But at 14 years old, he’s a little slower than he used to be.  His joints bark back and his breathing is a bit more labored.

He needs more care and attention.

And I’ve had to learn how to lead him differently.

There are days that I’ve been too impatient and left him at home so that I could run at my own pace.

Some days I’ll take him for a shorter lap, drop him off and keep going on my own.

Other days I embrace his slower pace and find value in slowing down to coach and encourage him along.

As leaders, we have to learn to adjust our pace to those we’re leading.

I’m embarrassed by the number of times I’ve chosen to go it alone because I didn’t want to slow down enough to bring someone with me.

When we run alone, we lose the opportunity to invest in others.  We miss the chance to coach and encourage.

We might go a little farther and a little longer, but at what cost to others?  Did we rob someone else of an opportunity to learn or grow?

You can run alone, but you can’t lead alone. 

Who needs to be with you in your next leadership moment?  How can you slow your pace to bring them alongside you? 


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  • Regina April 15, 2013  

    So true, Jenni. It takes self discipline and patience to slow down and embrace the opportunity to mentor. I also think we can miss what those we’re leading can teach us. Regina

  • Nate Fietzer April 15, 2013  

    What a great reminder! Thank you!!

  • Tony Bowick April 16, 2013  

    I love it! Go fast, go alone. Go slow, go together. Go together, get farther.

  • Stephanie Haynes April 17, 2013  

    Jenni, Thank you for a great post! I never thought of my leadership in terms of pace before…revolutionary for me!