Getting Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Systems and routine are good.  I believe in them.  I advocate for them.  Most of the time I fight diligently for them.

And then sometimes I blow them up.

As good as systems and routine are for creating good habits, structure and behavior, they can also breed complacency, contentment and comfortability.

When we get too comfortable we lose our hunger for pursuing what’s better and best.

When we are content, we aren’t actively seeking what could be great.

As Jim Collin’s says “good is the enemy of great”.

So every once in awhile as a leader, you gotta blow up the system.  Displace routine.  Disrupt the norms.

Because in our discomfort, we find new solutions.  We create new ways of working.  We develop new communication channels.  We find more efficient ways to work.

What system, structure or routine do you need to blow up today?

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