Cover to Cover

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Have you ever noticed that every good drama or movie has certain ingredients? The stories tend to follow a similar pattern:

Act 1: The Introduction. Gives us the essential background information. It introduces us to the important characters in our story.
Act 2: The Conflict. A significant problem is introduced here.
Act 3: The Climax. This is where the main action of the drama takes place. The initial conflict intensifies and grows more complicated until it can no longer be ignored.
Act 4: The Resolution. The conflict is worked out and stability is restored.

While many of us have read the Bible, maybe even memorized portions of it, we still have a hard time really understanding what it is trying to say. We tend to read and understand it as if it’s merely a collection of separate stories. But seeing the Bible in this fragmented way robs us of a greater understanding.

If your life is going to be shaped by this story, you have to pull back enough to actually see the whole picture. This is a story in which you are found. You’re a part of this unfolding drama.

Yesterday we started a brand new series at Cross Point called Cover to Cover where we explore the entire story of the Bible.  We’ll help you begin to understand how it all fits together in a grand drama and how your life is a part of the greatest story ever told.

Go to to find the link to weekly messages, a daily reading plan and daily devotion discussions.

I’m looking forward to what we’ll learn together!

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