Dealing with Adversaries


Do you ever feel like you’re a magnet for naysayers? It doesn’t matter how well a Sunday service goes or how effective your latest ministry event was, there always seems to be at least one critic who has questions or complaints. In fact, you probably can instantly create a mental list of the people who never seem to be happy with what your church or ministry is doing.

Our ministry philosophy at Cross Point is very simple and straightforward. Outside of Sunday mornings, we do three main things – kids and students, community groups, and missions. We believe this simplified strategy helps us most effectively reach those we’re called to reach and keeps our time, energy, and resources laser focused. But there are a lot of good things that come up from time to time to tempt us to stray from this vision. And there are a lot of well intentioned people who pushback on this ministry philosophy with their passions and wishes.

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