The Preaching Conference

One of the things that I wasn’t prepared for when I entered ministry was the need to become a more effective communicator.  As an XP, I thought my communication arena would stay limited to conference rooms and one-on-one conversations, but for many of us there are opportunities and situations where we need to learn to communicate to the congregation and on occasion to preach or teach.

If you preach on a regular basis, you don’t want to miss The Preaching Conference put on by The Rocket Company on September 19-20th in Marietta, GA.  Crawford Loritts, Jeff Henderson, and Michael Lukaszewski are going to take two days to teach you a 7-step system that will make you a better preacher who is better prepared and has less stress.  Click for more information and to get signed up.

The Rocket Company guys are personal friends of mine.  I have huge respect for them and have personally been influenced by their teaching.  I know you’ll benefit from this event so be sure to check it out!

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