Who’s Responding?

Have you ever been in a Target store when the automated announcement over the loud speaker identifies an issue that needs to be addressed by an employee.  Oftentimes the announcement finishes with the phrase “Who’s responding?”

I hear that computer women’s voice in my head every time I encounter a leadership issue that lacks clarity.

Who’s responding?

Patrick Lencioni in his best-selling book The Five Dysfunctions of a Team describes one of the dysfunctions as “avoidance of accountability”.

Accountability is so key to our team cultures.  Oftentimes there is a desire for accountability but no clarity or follow up for measuring it.

Our teams need to know, in fact they want to know what’s expected of them.  Your job as a leader is to push for clarity in accountability.  It’s your job to ask, “Who’s responding?”

Our teams need to know who’s responding.  Who’s taking care of it?  Who’s responsible?  Who’s accountable?

Who’s responding to your organizational needs today?


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