My Nan

Nanny jpeg

Tenacious and tough.

Independent and opinionated.

She hopped a bus at 18 from a small town in Northern Wisconsion and made her new home in Chicago, IL.

Thriving in the hustling and bustling big city, she landed a job at Motorola where she quickly met my Pops.

Every Friday she bought a new pair of shoes and she and Pops went out on the town for a night of dancing.

Sassy and spontaneous.

Pops swept her off stylishly-clad feet and they made their home in Cicero.

Entrepreneurial and optimistic.

They opened a local grocery store and began raising a family in the adjacent apartment.

Committed and convicted.

They made their way back to the Northwoods of Wisconsin where they hoped to place roots surrounded by family and friends.

When I arrived on the scene Nanny was still too young and spry to be called “Grandma”.  She chose “Nanny” and every kid who made her acquaintance called her that.

I spent most of my days with Nan.

We cooked.  We baked.  We gardened.  We watched her “stories” (daytime dramas).

Nan was always singing a song.  In fact it was her Gaither Homecoming videos that brought her comfort and kept her humming along even in her final days.

Tuesday we laid Nan to rest.

I grieve my loss but I celebrate her life.

Nanny was a beautiful example of someone who stewarded her influence well.  She loved her family and she made everyone else feel like family.  She modeled unconditional love and generosity in extravagant ways.  Those who knew her were loved by her.

I will always be grateful…

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  • Jon Stallings October 18, 2013  

    Hi Jenni, I am sorry for your loss. But thank you for sharing your Nan.

  • Michelle October 18, 2013  

    Beautiful memory. The little I know about your from your blog and book, I see her refelction in you.

  • Delinda Layne October 29, 2013  

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful story – Such a tribute to her and the love she shared with you and your family- I know you feel her loss – but rejoice that you will see her again– Blessings