We Don’t Always Need to Know

I’ve been a little mad at God lately.  There are some things that I would really like him to give me more clarity on.  I know he knows the outcome.  I know he knows what steps I need to take but darn it if he won’t give me more than one step at a time.

But truth be told I can’t really handle being “in the know”.  Sure I say I can handle it but I really can’t.

Think about it for a minute…

Have you ever had a friend confide in you about something?  Information that for appropriate reasons did not need to be shared with others at least for right now.  But as soon as you get this information you feel powerful don’t you?  You have info that no one or at least very few others have.  But here’s the trouble with the power of that information… you can’t stand to have power and not let others know you have it.  So you start sniffing around for others who might have the same information too.  You want to let them know you’re “in the know.”  You drop hints to see if they’ll take the bait.  You talk around it looking for a window to innocently share what you know.  Eventually you just can’t stand it and you say something to someone else.  You always have an excuse for why you shared it but if you’re honest it really comes down to wanting to be the one with the power of the information.

I wonder if this is why God refuses to tell us more details sometimes? 

I’m sure he recognizes our inability to keep our mouths shut.  He knows we don’t always need to know.  We can’t handle it.

So I wait because He’s greater.  I wait because ultimately He knows when it’s best for me to know. 

Have you ever been in a season of waiting where you just wish God would let you know?

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