Reflecting on Thanksgiving

It’s usually the day after Thanksgiving that I slow down long enough to reflect and give thanks.

Truth is, sometimes the actual day of Thanksgiving brings out my most ungrateful self.

I anticipate family drama without being thankful that I have family.

I stress out over preparing my house for company rather than being grateful I have a house where I can host.

I get irritated when I forget an item on my shopping list rather than being thankful that I can make a quick trip back to the store.

I fuss over setting the table perfectly rather than being grateful I have a table to set. 

The list could go on…

But you get it and I suspect you have your own version of the same story.

Discontentment and ungratefulness go hand in hand.  When I’m discontent, frazzled, stressed, irritated and fussy, I’m usually focusing on the wrong things.  I’m forgetting what I have and focusing on what I don’t.

So if you can, today take some time to reflect.  Slow down a bit and recognize where discontentment tears at your soul. 

Because… where discontentment lurks, ungratefulness festers. 

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