Seize It!

“When it’s your season, seize it! Don’t squander it.”

I tweeted that a few days ago in a moment of Christmas shopping angst.  I was waiting in an incredibly long line at a business that should not be surprised by the increase in foot traffic at this time of year.  A business that has been complaining of poor consumer engagement.  And yet, with a line out the door, there were no attempts to improve the experience.  In fact, the employees seemed to grow crankier with each transaction.

It’s their season and this business was totally squandering it.

But I often do the same thing in my own life.

In seasons of plenty, in seasons of growth, in seasons of change, in seasons of momentum… I squander rather than seize.

I complain.

I get overwhelmed.

I am uncomfortable with the disruption.

I see the challenges rather than the opportunities.

That’s because seizing your season is hard work.  It takes extra effort.  It takes attention and focus.

What’s your season?  Are you in a season of budding momentum?  Are there opportunities on the horizon?  Risks to take? Opportunities to seize?

If so, seize them. 

Don’t squander the gifts, talents, experiences and opportunities that God has given you.  Seize them and step into your God-given influence!

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