Leading When You've Lost Control

I like to believe I have control.  It makes me feel secure.

It’s a deceptively safe-feeling.

Feeling being the critical word.

I fight for feelings of control all the time.  But you know as well as I do that feelings deceive us.

Feeling in control is a dangerous place for a leader to be.

When I feel in control…

I open myself up to pride

I begin to rely on my own ability

I distance myself from God

I believe my own press

I take others for granted

I fuel my independent spirit

So while I hate the feeling of losing control, leading when I’ve lost control keeps me perfectly positioned to rely on God and others.  Our confidence as leaders comes not from having control but our confidence comes from trusting in God and the team around us.

What would it look like for you to lead without so much control?

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  • Jerri Sisk Harrington December 31, 2013  

    It would mean I would serve my family and church without noticing who notices. It would mean “my” ministry is not mine at all but God’s, and if He thinks someone else could lead (serve) more effectively than I do, I will be helpful and supportive. It would me that I pray more than I worry. It would mean that I rest even when a big event is on the horizon. It means that I treat my loved ones with the utmost respect even when I am rushed and stressed. It means I don’t brag….especially in my mind….ever. It means planting seeds that I may never see sprouting and trusting that God’s Word never comes back void, even in my own life….even in the lives of my children. It means giving up being bossy….especially when I think I’m right.

    • Jenni Catron January 1, 2014  

      So good… and convicting. Thanks for sharing Jerri! Happy New Year!