What Are You Barking About?

Mick is the best dog.

On March 1st we’ll celebrate Mick’s 15th birthday.  We’ve had him 12 of those years.  The first 3 years of his life are unknown but we suspect he lived much of it on his own.

When we adopted Mick he knew he was rescued.  He truly acted as if he was grateful.

He’s always been compliant and quiet.  He follows orders, loves our family routine and operates as a full-fledged member of the Catron house.

But in the last year or so Mick has gotten a little more vocal.  He’s a little less patient with me.  He barks when he wants to go outside.  He barks when he wants to come inside.  He paces until I notice an empty water or food dish.

I’ve been puzzled and quite frustrated by his behavior.  I’ve attempted to analyze it with all the wisdom of a Dog Whisperer wannabe.

The best I can assess it, I think it simply comes down to age and comfort.

He’s old so he thinks he’s entitled.

He’s been around a long time so he expects comfort.

He’s become a crotchety complainer in his old age!

Okay, so here it comes… the moment when I take our family pet and turn him into a leadership lesson…

If we’re not careful, you and I can become like Mick too…

The older we are the more we feel entitled to.

The longer we’ve been around the more comfortable we want to be.

We begin barking demands.

We more frequently bark out complaints.

We’re less content.  We’re less grateful.

Leaders, what are you barking about these days?

Have you lost patience or gratefulness?

If so, first, quit barking.

And second, evaluate why you’ve become entitled and complacent.

What do you need to be more grateful for?

Where have you gotten too comfortable and how can you disrupt yourself?

Leaders, there is too much at stake for us to become crotchety complainers.  Quit barking and get back to leading!

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