Torn. Terrified. Confident.





The markings of a leap of faith.

Torn between two equally great opportunities.

Terrified of the unknown.

Confident in God’s direction.

This has been my life for the last few months.

It’s been awhile since God has asked me to leap like this.

I’d grown comfortable with my calling.  Sure, I was stretched a smidge here or there but nothing that completely displaced me like this leap of faith.

I laughed at first.  I thought it was a joke.  A kind gesture.  A little affirmation during a trying season.  But realistic?  Not a chance… or so I thought.

No, God was calling me to leap.  And not just me – my family too.

What’s the leap?

Effective January 31st I will be resigning my position as Executive Director at Cross Point Church.  I have accepted a role on the leadership team at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church (MPPC) in Menlo Park, CA with John Ortberg and the great staff there.  After many months of conversation, processing and prayer, my husband and I have a divine sense of God’s direction and calling in this move.  Menlo Park is in a very exciting season of growth and opportunity and I hope my gifts will serve them well as they seek to live out some God-sized dreams for the future.

My nine years at Cross Point have been foundational to my personal, professional and spiritual growth.  It has been an amazing privilege to be a part of this ministry.  Pete has been a pastor and friend through the many months of conversation that have led up to this decision.  That freedom to process has been an incredible and unusual gift.  I suspect that Cross Point will always be woven into the fabric of my soul.  It’s a special place and I can’t wait to see how God continues to use this team in the future.  One of the greatest joys of my life will forever be having the privilege to be a part of assembling this great staff.

But a leap of faith is just that – it’s a leap.  The leap requires lifting my feet off the soil of what’s known and projecting myself forward, confident that God will help me stick the landing.

So here we go.  Torn, terrified and yet confident that God is at work. 

I will continue to write, speak and coach.  In fact, CLOUT releases next week!  I can’t wait to continue to share more about this book with you.  I’ll continue to blog about all that I’m learning as a leader… I suspect the blog content will be rich with new learnings and observations as I get to know a new team, a new structure and a new culture.  Should be fodder for leadership lessons for decades!

Thank you for being a community of support and encouragement.  I’m excited about what this new season holds for me as I transplant this mid-western-turned-southern-girl to the West Coast.  Lord help them now! I’m envisioning the Clampetts! 🙂



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  • Josh January 15, 2014  

    Awesome Jenni. Praying for you two.

  • Chris Theule-VanDam January 15, 2014  

    Congrats on taking the leap!

  • turner_bethany January 15, 2014  

    Jenni, Congratulations on the new job! I am excited to read about your journey.

  • charles stone January 15, 2014  

    Jenni, congrats. What an exciting opportunity. Will be blogging in the next week or so about Clout. Blessings.

  • Caroline McCain January 15, 2014  

    Congrats, Jenni! Really excited for you.

  • Michael Warden January 15, 2014  

    Congratulations, Jenni! My pastor John Burke and John Ortberg are longtime friends from their Willow Creek days. I wish you the best as you make the transition.

  • Karen Yates January 15, 2014  

    Congratulations Jenni! Curtis and I are thrilled for you and this new adventure. We know you will love working alongside John and Nancy at MPPC! Prayers for you as you transition!

  • TimThurman January 15, 2014  

    Although I am sad you are leaving CP, totally thankful that you are coming to CA. And just FYI. I used to play professional tennis and taught tennis for five years. I would love to meet you and your husband, and maybe I can help you with your tennis game. Many, many blessings on your new venture. God bless!!!

  • @kylereed January 15, 2014  

    Congrats Jenni. What a great opportunity.

  • Morgan MacGavin January 15, 2014  

    Wow! Congratulations Jenni! You’re a tremendous leader and will do well in Cali. Excited for you guys!

  • Lance Lockhart January 15, 2014  

    Excellent decision! So happy for you two!

  • Tammy Helfrich January 15, 2014  

    Congratulations! Looking forward to reading your book.

  • Heidi menges January 15, 2014  

    Wow, this is huge! So excited please keep me update on your info.

  • Lorrie Harden January 15, 2014  

    WOW…Very exciting!! Very exciting for you and your family!! Will miss you, but so cool, you are taking that LEAP. Huge things in store for you!

  • Elaine Smith January 16, 2014  

    Congratulations Jenni! You are a pure example to others in taking a leap of faith!!

  • jennicatron January 16, 2014  

    Thank you all for your kind responses! Much love!

  • Mandy "G" January 16, 2014  

    I feel like a Mama watching one of her babies bloom and grow in a new direction. So stinkin’ proud of you!!!!

  • Deidra January 16, 2014  

    Congratulations! Blessings on the journey ahead!

  • John January 16, 2014  

    Proud of you – you’ve accomplished so much at CrossPoint but are willing to take up this challenge. You have and will help many women in the Church live up to their God given potential and also help the American church understand the role of women so much more. Not bad! Although lets be honest – this whole thing is just to advance Merlyns movie career.

  • Bryan Allain January 16, 2014  

    Now we have to re-record our entire interview so I have the right info in my intro. You ruined everything! (I kid of course, congrats!!! So exciting!)

  • Linda Stanley January 16, 2014  

    Congratulations Jenni! I wish you well in your new role and will be praying for you and your family. Can’t wait to read your new book. 🙂

  • Patrick Brosnan January 16, 2014  

    Way to Go! Exciting times for you and your family.

  • Dad January 17, 2014  

    Words can not express how vwery proud I am of you. All my love in this new adventure for you and Merlyn (Mick).

  • Christie Love January 17, 2014  

    Covering your transition in prayer Jenni! I know that God has had his hand on you and I have no doubt that he will both guide and protect you as he leads you on to new leadership adventures!

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