How Peyton Preserved His CLOUT

Like many of you I watched last night’s Super Bowl with my eyes on Peyton.

But it wasn’t to jeer at the intercepted passes.  It wasn’t to shake my head in disbelief as the Seahawks ran away with the game.

I was watching Peyton through the lens of leadership.

What was he saying to the team in those critical moments?

How did he encourage them in the locker room at half time?

What were his words in the huddle?

Was there anything he could say as they made their long walk back to the locker room, game lost?

How did he muster the strength for a press conference?

What compelled him to still sign autographs as he walked to the bus?

While some may be criticizing his game, it’s hard to criticize his character.  Peyton, it seems, understands the responsibility of his influence.  He understands the impact of his clout.

4 Things Peyton did to preserve his clout last night:

  1. He didn’t blame others.
  2. He defended his team.
  3. He didn’t make excuses.
  4. He put others before himself.

Your legacy is not shaped by the number of your wins but by how you handle your losses.

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  • DefinitelyJon February 3, 2014  

    I couldn’t agree more. Peyton’s character is a remarkable reminder.

  • Delinda Layne February 3, 2014  

    So often it is in the down’, or crises times, that we see someone’s true character…. He stood tall … he showed what he is made of and as you say, he understands his role and the impact of his Clout.