We Were All Made to Shine


Fifth grade track meet.  I was a favorite for the 100 meter sprint.  The crowd was exhilarating!  A whopping twenty or so parents piled on the flimsy metal bleachers on the sidelines of our makeshift track.

But this was my moment.  I could feel it.  I bolted off the line and pushed every ounce of effort through my sneakers to the pavement.  I was determined to win this.

I crossed the finish line uncertain of whether I was first but confident that I had a ribbon with my name on it.  As my body processed the strain I had put on it, I barely discerned through my dizziness and cramps that my name had been called.  I had won first place!

That blue ribbon could have just as easily been an Olympic Gold medal in my young mind.  I had given my all.  I had made others proud.  I had achieved a great goal!

The Olympics recall these memories as I watch every competitor cross their finish line.  I don’t care who is winning the medal, I am shedding tears of joy with them.

There is just something deep inside each of us that longs to count.  We want to matter to the world.  We want to shine, if even for a moment.  We can’t help but feel called or destined for something significant.

And I believe we are.  I believe that each one of us has a purpose, a calling that only we are qualified to fulfill.

We may not have a world’s stage.  Our spotlight might not be as bright.  But there is something that we’re destined for, an impact we’re designed to make, a mark we’re intended to leave.

What’s your Olympic moment?  What’s the pinnacle of your gifts and talents displayed?

Work towards that.  Be relentless about it.  The world needs you, all of you.  Whatever corner you inhabit, give it your best.

We’re cheering for you too!

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