Coaching Groups & Cross-Country Moves

Hey everyone!

Sorry that I’ve been so quiet here on the blog lately.  Rest assured that given just a bit more time I’ll come back with some learnings and ideas from this great transition.  The past week has been exceptionally packed.

Thursday and Friday I hosted part two of my third coaching group.  These ladies are simply wonderful!  I grow and learn with each group that has gathered.

Coaching Group 3

I’m so proud of the work that they are doing in churches and organizations across the country!  What a treasure to spend my last two days in Nashville with them.

Several of you have asked whether I will continue doing coaching groups once I’m moved.  I am planning to do more groups but have not set the dates for the next group yet because these days I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone what I’m doing for the next six months! 🙂  Seriously, leading coaching groups is one of my greatest joys so once I get settled a little bit I’ll be sharing details for Group #4.

Saturday I hopped a plane one-way to San Francisco to make my new home in Menlo Park.  What an adventure!

Monday was my first day at work.  It kind of felt like the first day of middle school where I worried about what I was going to wear and if I had all the right supplies.  I survived!  The team at MPPC has been extraordinarily kind and supportive.  I look forward to sharing with you so much more.

How are you doing with the #LentChallenge?  I’m enjoying the reading and will be sharing some thoughts later this week.

Thanks for your prayers, support and encouragement for my transition.  I am blessed to be a part of a social community that is with me wherever this great adventure may take me!

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