#LentChallenge – Week 2: I Want to Know Jesus


This practice of reading through the gospels is so good.  With each red letter I’m seeking to know Jesus just a bit more.  What was his tone, his demeanor?  What did his eyes convey as he spoke?  What emotion did he evoke as he taught or corrected?

For as wonderful as the words are, I still long to know his heart, hear the passion he emoted through what he said.

I’m grateful for movies and mini series that have attempted to portray Jesus, but for all of their great work I still don’t feel like they’ve captured my Jesus.  There is always something missing.  And perhaps that’s appropriate because how could any of us in our humanness really capture the essence of Christ?

So as I continue to read during this #LentChallenge, I find myself wanting to know Jesus better.  I’m praying the words continue to give me a glimpse of his character, an expression of his heart and that in the seeking he’ll speak and I’ll grow to know him better.

How about you… what are you hoping to take away from our 40 days?


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