Satisfying the Crowd

Our #LentChallenge reading is helping me to see stories from a new perspective, to see layers beneath the common narrative of the text.

This week in reading the book of Mark, there was one short sentence that grabbed my attention:

“Wanting to satisfy the crowd, Pilate releases Barabbas to them.” Mark 15:15

This was a pivotal point in the crucifixion story.  Pilate was reluctant to have Jesus charged and sentenced to death.  He wasn’t convinced a crime had been committed.  He didn’t find sufficient evidence.

But Pilate was swayed by the crowd.  He was afraid of a riot.  He was navigating the politics of his culture and rather than do what was right, he took the path of least resistance.

Have you ever been guilty of “wanting to satisfy the crowd” in your leadership decisions?

Some of my greatest regrets as a leader are the times when I chose to do what was easy rather than do what was right.

In what areas of your leadership are you satisfying the crowd?

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  • Margaret Feinberg March 18, 2014  

    Food for thought. Chewing on this today. Thanks for the reminder, Jenni.