#LentChallenge – What's Your Gift?

As I was reading Luke’s account of Jesus birth, I was struck again by the significance of God choosing Mary to birth the Messiah.  Why her?  What stood out about her?  How did she get God’s attention and favor for this tremendous gift?

I don’t know why God chose Mary.  I marvel at how honored I would feel to be chosen for that responsibility.  I anticipate all the emotions that she must have wrestled with.  I wonder what I would have done in her shoes.  How would I have stewarded this amazing gift?

But God has given me (and you) a gift too.  He has given me gifts, talents, experiences and opportunities that he hasn’t given to anyone else.  He has given me these to steward, to cherish, to develop and to release into the world for his good, for his glory.

What he’s asking me to do is the same thing he asked Mary to do, just a different gift.  He asked Mary to be faithful to steward the raising of Jesus.  We too have been asked to be faithful to raise up the gifts that God has given us.  Would Mary have ever dreamed of starving or neglecting Jesus?  Would she have kept him hidden?  Would she abandon him or abuse him?  Would she scorn him or ignore him?  I don’t think so.  Mary knew the tremendous value of this gift that was her’s to steward and she was faithful to that responsibility.

What are you doing with your gift?  Are you cherishing it and developing it or are you ignoring it and squandering it?

Whatever you’re gift, your responsibility is to be faithful.

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  • Stephanie Haynes March 19, 2014  

    Love, love, love this perspective Jenni!!! Thank you!

  • Delinda Layne March 19, 2014  

    Really good- thanks for sharing! This is a perfect thought for our Fun Fearless Female Conference for women- as we talk about women looking at how special they are and what gifts they have – accepting them and celebrating the gift. This is another perspective to share with them. Thank you!

  • Shelly Miller March 26, 2014  

    A lovely perspective and thoughtful response to the story of Mary’s calling. Faithfulness to what God has given me is at the forefront of my thoughts today, this resonates. Nice to meet you through Margaret.