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Today I sit at the table of my breakfast nook in my new home on the west coast.  The birds are chirping, the sun is shining, flowers are blooming outside the big bay window that overlooks my back patio.

It sounds lovely doesn’t it?

That is a typical morning here in my new world.

But nothing feels typical about it yet.  While I’m here my husband is back in Nashville selling, purging and packing our home as he prepares to join me.

It’s been 11 weeks since I left.  11 weeks of living with just a few furnishings here.  11 weeks of living apart from my husband and Mick… don’t forget Mick, the border collie, who is more child than pet.  It will still be several more weeks before Merlyn, Mick and a truckload of our stuff arrives, but at least the end is in sight.

Or is it?

I like to believe that once they get here, everything will feel normal.  But there really is no normal anymore.

Everything is disrupted.  Family, friends, home, routine, sense of purpose… all of it.

But don’t misunderstand… it’s not all bad.  In fact, most of it’s been really good.  It’s just stretching and different.

In one week, our dream home will be sold.  I expected to live there for 20+ years.  I assumed we’d host parties, throw showers and entertain friends for years to come.


I was reading this morning N.T. Wright’s thoughts on Mark chapter 1 when Jesus called the disciples to follow him.  Wright described how significant it was for the disciples to leave behind their way of life.  It was counter-cultural to leave family or change career.

Wright explains,

“Jesus was now calling them to trust the good news that their God was doing something new.  To get in on the act, they had to cut loose from other ties and trust him and his message.  That wasn’t easy then and isn’t easy now.  But it’s what Peter, Andrew, James and John did, and it’s what all Christians are called to do today, tomorrow, and on into God’s future.”


Let me be clear… Nothing about my current disruption is comfortable.  I don’t share because I believe I deserve a pat on the back. Quite the contrary.  Most days I’m embarrassed by how hard it is to let go of what is known and comfortable and to trust that God’s calling is greater than my plans could ever be.

But each day I’m learning to be more comfortable with disrupted.

God says “come” and the only reasonable response is to follow. 

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  • Holly Moore May 31, 2014  

    Jenni….This was such a timely blog post for me today. Thanks for sharing your heart. It was really encouraging to me. Miss you friend…

    • Jenni Catron June 2, 2014  

      Holly, I miss you too! We must get some time together soon!

  • Carrie May 31, 2014  

    Jenni, thank you for your post. I am facing a similar situation right now (which will be going public to the leadership team/congregation over the next 3 weeks). I love your last line because it has been my response (and some have not understood). When God says “Come” or “Go”, the only response is to follow and obey. Thank you for sharing your heart and encouraging me as I walk my own journey of faith. 🙂

    • Jenni Catron June 2, 2014  

      Praying for you and your transition, Carrie!

  • Jon Stolpe June 1, 2014  

    One of my prayers over the past few years is this: Lord, disturb me. Break my heart for the things that break Your heart.

    This is a tough prayer, but I have found so much growth and satisfaction for life out of the stretch marks that lay in the aftermath of this prayer.

    • Jenni Catron June 2, 2014  

      Thanks for sharing that, Jon. A tough, but brave prayer!

  • LinnaeHoppe June 2, 2014  

    thinking of you today!

  • Elaine Lankford June 8, 2014  

    Hi Jenni, I hope you have been able to settle in since this post. Life interruptions are never ‘fun’, but they can be interesting and exciting sometimes. My life was disrupted in 2008 by some pretty heavy trails -from a major career loss to the death of my father to my husband being diagnosed with cancer. Through those storms, I learned a lot about myself and my Savior! Today, I am a better person for having Jesus disrupt my sedentary Christian life and start a fire in my heart that is completely worth the turmoil that preceded it. I have actually written a book detailing the whole experience. For His glory, I will share my story because there is no other worthy of such praise, but Him. Whatever, the cost (or disruption) I will continue to follow Jesus.
    Best wishes to you and your family as you start this new adventure in your life!

    • Jenni Catron June 10, 2014  

      Elaine, what beautiful perspective having gone through so much. Thank you for sharing!