Summer Reading Plan: What Life Are You Waiting For?



This week’s summer reading is Pastor Pete Hise’s new book, What Life Are You Waiting For?

What Life Are You Waiting For Book Promo from Quest Community Church on Vimeo.

Pete is one of those guys who lives what he teaches.  His belief in the life-changing power of God will compel you and challenge you to take the transformational adventure that he believes God has called you to.  This book will push you to ask tough questions, grapple with unresolved heart issues and, most importantly, compel you to ‘push play’ on life.


If you’re interested in winning a copy, share with us in the comments one adventure you’re taking this summer.

Happy Monday!


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  • Paul Sohn June 16, 2014  

    One adventure I’m looking forward is embarking on my graduate program. I have discerned God’s calling that pursuing an advanced degree in OD is what God wants me to do.

    • Jenni Catron June 21, 2014  

      Good for you, Paul!

  • Jon Stolpe June 16, 2014  

    I’m taking my wife and two kids to Guatemala this summer to build two houses for widows in the village of Xenacoj.

    • Jenni Catron June 21, 2014  

      That’s going to be a fantastic trip. Can’t wait to hear more about it!

  • Carrie June 16, 2014  

    I am preparing for my next season of ministry . . . in another country. Right now, I’m registering for a TESL certification course so I can teach English as a Second Language while doing groundwork for a church plant and teaching discipleship classes. We have a connection through our church and the need is there. It’s exciting and scary as I will be resigning my position with the church and – Lord willing – departing in January 2015 for this new adventure. The adventure this summer is the preparation and walking by faith through this crazy, exciting journey!!

    • Jenni Catron June 21, 2014  

      Carrie, that’s amazing!

  • Pam Bakker June 16, 2014  

    My adventure may seem small but for me and my family it’s a big thing. I’m seeing my niece (like my daughter) and her family move 13 hours away as they begin a military family life. We are very close so this is a new adventure in life for all of us.

    • Jenni Catron June 21, 2014  

      That’s a big deal, Pam. Praying for you all as you adjust!

  • Sherrye June 17, 2014  

    This summer I’m asking myself the tough questions and doing those things that I’ve put off for years — focusing on my health.

    • Jenni Catron June 21, 2014  

      Good for your Sherrye! Praying for you.

  • blakeunfettered June 17, 2014  

    I am taking my entire family of 6 to Africa to teach trades to an amazing orphanage.

    • Jenni Catron June 21, 2014  

      Love that you guys are doing this!