Let's Catch Up!

Hey everyone,

It’s time to get back to some regular conversation here on the blog.  The last five months have been stretching.  Moving cross-country is not for the faint of heart.  I have so much respect for people who have done this frequently!

We’re finding our footing though.  Merlyn is FINALLY with me in Menlo Park.  I feel more settled into my role at MPPC and we’re slowly beginning to feel a sense of “home”.

My next book manuscript is due the end of this month.  I’d love your prayers as I finish that up.  Excited to share more soon!

I’ll be speaking at several conferences this fall about Clout.  I’ve been so inspired by the stories of leaders who are reading it together and growing in their leadership.  If you lead a group through CLOUT, please be sure to email me for the study guide and I’d also love to do a Skype call with your group.

So, what is going on in your world?  What was the best part of your summer?  What are you looking forward to this fall?


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  • Jamie Swenka August 8, 2014  

    So glad your husband is with you now! That will hopefully make things seem more normal. I went through a career change about the same time as you and it turned my world upside down a bit! My co-blogger wrote a post on moving from big town to big city… I know that is a bit different than your experience, but if you have time, you will have to check it out to see how things related between your experience and hers – it made me think of you 🙂 Glad you are back, and I look forward to continuing to read your posts!

    • Jenni Catron August 9, 2014  

      Thanks Jamie. I need to check out that post. How are you doing in your transition?

  • Elaine Lankford August 9, 2014  

    Congrats on your family’s reunion. I know how I feel when I’m away from my husband for a period of time -nothing seems complete. Looking forward to future discussions. My summer has been full of ups and one down. I am very close to finishing the self-publishing process for my book Love Echoed Back with Westbow press. Details and updates at http://www.elainelankford.com. I was able to attend the She Speaks conference by Proverbs31 Ministry, amazing group of ladies, so much learned!! My one down –is my mother just suffered a stroke. However, God is so good. In one week post-stroke, she is doing AMAZING and I am seeing a miracle right before my eyes as she fights her way back. Prayers would be appreciated!! thanks!

    • Jenni Catron August 9, 2014  

      Congrats on the book. Please let me know how I can support you. So glad you went to the She Speaks conference. I love those girls!

      Praying for your mom… and for you as you support her. Much love!