GLS14 – Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina

Former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Chairman of Good 360

Human potential is the one, only, limitless resource we have in this world.  It is amazing what happens when human potential is unlocked for worthy goals and purpose.

Things that crush potential:

  • fear
  • subjugation
  • bureaucracy – rules-based, process-driven; forget who they are there to serve; they crush the people inside it and the people they serve

The highest calling of leadership is to unlock the potential of others.  Leadership unlocks potential.

Leadership is not:

  • management
  • position, title or power

Leaders change the order of things and it does not matter if they have a title or not.

Leaders never accomplish anything worthwhile acting on their own.

People are not poor because they lack potential.  They are poor because they lack opportunity.



Strategy/Goals/Vision – Where are we going and why are we going there? – Where/Why/How

Organization/Team/Structure/Process – How are we going to work together to get this work done?  Structure should always follow strategy.

Metrics/Results – How are we going to measure progress and reward success?  What counts as progress?  What gets measured is what gets done.  What are we measuring?  What are we rewarding?

Culture/Behavior – What’s it like to work around here.  It all boils down to behavior.  Values consistent with behavior.  The leader has to set the tone and model the behavior.

When you set the frame you set people free!  You don’t dictate every move.  You set the frame and set them frame.  The organization can not achieve it’s potential unless the people in it achieve their potential.

20/20 Rule

20% of the people in most organizations are change warriors – harness the warriors!

20% of the people in most organizations are the “hell no, I won’t go” types – they are the source of resistance

60% of the people are skeptics; they are waiting


Successful change never happens until the 60% are convinced.

How do we convince our 60%?

True leadership requires faith.  A love of God makes leadership easier.

Faith gives us the gift of humility.  It is not about us.  It is about others.  A true leader approaches their task with a servant’s heart.

Faith gives us the gift of empathy.

Faith gives us the gift of optimism. A leader must know that things can be better and that people will rise to the occasion.

Faith teaches us that every one of us is equal and gifted by God.

Leadership is a choice.  It can be learned by anyone.

Choose to lead.  Choose to change the order of things.  Choose to fulfill your own potential of leadership and choose to unlock the potential of others.

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