GLS14 – Jeffrey Immelt

Jeffrey Immelt

President and CEO, General Electric

Throughout my career there has never been a job in the company that was beneath me.

If you’re more a giver than a taker, your peers know that.  Horizontal strength is what keeps institutions together.

The best leaders go forward.  See the world as it is and figure out a way to go forward.

General Electric invests $1 billion a year in leadership development.

Leadership is a commitment to:

  • Integrity
  • Performance
  • Change

Leadership has a shelf life.  You regularly need a tune up.

Leadership is a strategic imperative for the company.

Culture and leadership are fundamental to the company.

Come to work because you love what you do and you want to make a difference.

Learn from mistakes and get better.  Making excuses suggests that you aren’t willing to learn.

As a leader you’re in the business of giving people confidence.

You may questions my decisions, but you won’t question my intentions.

You can’t guarantee outcomes, but you can guarantee a process.

Leadership is a intense journey into yourself.  Self-renewal, self-discovery.


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