GLS14 – Ivan Satyavrata

Ivan Satyavrata

Senior Pastor, Assembly of God Church, Kolkata, India

Power in itself is neutral. Power is the ability to move reality – to make something happen.  Leaders manage power.

There is no such thing as leadership without power.

The Power Paradox

A leader must be able to wield power, real power, in order to lead effectively.  She must, however, at the same time be genuinely vulnerable and yet powerless.

Knowledge Power

If knowledge is power than the knowledge of power through Jesus Christ is ultimate power.

Am I holding the towel and basin as tightly as my knowledge power?

How am I stewarding my knowledge power as a leader?

People Power

Use it to add value and empower, not control or intimidate.

Kingdom Power

The true secret of any great leader is that when you feel your weakest is really when you are your greatest because his spirit is made perfect in weakness.

Is the world becoming a better place because of your power?

Be vulnerable bravehearts.

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