Rushing Past My Best Yes

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Seems like there is not a day that word doesn’t describe me.  Can you relate?

Society demands rush.  Every minute is maximized.  There are more things to do and opportunities to pursue than our 24 hours a day allow.

I know that rushing doesn’t produce my best.  Rushing through life causes me to miss moments, significant moments.  In my rushing I miss sweet moments with family or friends.  In my rushing I avoid an important conversation with a staff member.  In my rushing I overlook the person who needs a listening ear.  In my rushing I lose touch with my soul and what God may be trying to speak to me.

In her new book, The Best Yes, Lysa challenges us to slow down our hurried souls to find God’s best yes in our lives.

“If we want to hear from the Lord, we must confess that sometimes we walk right past the Lord’s instruction and set ourselves up to miss His direction.  If we want His direction for our decisions, the great cravings of our souls must not only be the big moments of assignment.  They must also be the seemingly small instructions in the most ordinary of moments when God points His Spirit finger saying, go there.  And in doing that, we are companions of God with eyes and ears more open, more able, more in tune with Him.”

Where do you need to slow down today to be more in tune with God?

New York Times Bestselling author Lysa TerKeurst has written a new book about finding your Best Yes.

The Best Yes: Making Wise Decisions in the Midst of Endless Demands


I have a copy to give away!  Leave a comment sharing one way you could slow the rush of life this week.  I’ll pick a winner Friday 8/22.

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  • Karen buchanan August 18, 2014  

    I live in Southern California, work at a church in full time ministry leading others. Mid-August is busy!!! Fall is quickly approaching which is a huge kick off time for many ministries. I ended up with a very bad summer cold, worked the weekend services on Saturday and Sunday, and…..right this very minute…..taking a sick day at the beach, soaking in the sun and God’s beauty and reading the book Anatomy of the Soul by Curt Thompson….I don’t think I’ve taken a true sick day in several years. I already feel better

  • Kelli Wommack August 18, 2014  

    I so agree with Karen! Full time church ministry in August can be CRAZY! My son helped me slow down this week already when he unfortunately got sick. My day at home became just what I needed. It is amazing when the seemingly important becomes the unnecessary. 🙂

  • Heidi menges August 19, 2014  

    Just enjoying every day things with my grand kids, kids and husband. My dad died last week unexpectedly and it broke my heart. He enjoyed us when we were little and was never to busy for us.

  • Nicci August 19, 2014  

    One way to slow the rush of this week…WALK AWAY from the PC, Iphone, and IPad!!! Need this book!

  • turner_bethany August 19, 2014  

    This book sounds like a great read and would be perfect for the season I about to enter into (2 part time jobs & 3 online classes).

  • Piper S. August 19, 2014  

    I am practicing taking time at the end of the day to gently tidy my home and do some reading from a book to help my mind calm down so I start my next day with a relaxed mind, not a stressed and rushed one.