Propel Women

“Yes! Yes! Yes! YESSSSS!

Was my exclamation when Chris Caine began sharing her heart for Propel Women.

Propel believes in the passion, purpose, and potential of every woman every where. Propel exists to honor the calling of every woman, empower her to lead, equip her for success and develop a sense of God given purpose.

Whether you are leading one or one thousand, we hear you. Whether you stumbled into leading or were called into leading, we see you. Whether you want to lead or are trying to find your way in leadership, we are here for you. Propel wants to launch you forward.

Check out this video from Chris to learn a bit more…

Propel Women Trailer from Propel on Vimeo.

If this sounds like you, if it’s something your heart resonates with jump over to to download our free digital magazine.  Propel will launch in full force in 2015 and I can’t wait to see what God has in store!

Great days are ahead for women who lead!


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