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Today is THE DAY!

Propel launches officially with a week of events at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA.

A Bit More About Who We Are

For generations women have navigated the nuances of being a woman in leadership without a roadmap, finding their way through trial and error. While there are many books, resources, and leadership networks aimed at strengthening leaders, few address the distinctive role of women in leadership, and fewer still address the calling of women in the marketplace.

While our culture is changing, and professionally women are holding positions of leadership, many women still wrestle with identifying themselves as leaders or feeling empowered to operate within their full leadership potential. Gaps in leadership training have forced women to compartmentalize their lives, separating work, church, and home. Propel exists to help create an interconnected life in Christ, who affirms and acknowledges every woman’s gifts, passions, and leadership potential for the glory of the Kingdom.

“The Lord announces the Word and the women who proclaim it are a mighty throng.” Psalm 68:11

This “mighty throng” of women is already within the marketplace. Our desire is to empower women to lead more effectively and to see themselves as an intricate part of God’s plan in all spheres of life.

If your heart connects with the purpose of Propel, I encourage you to join us on the journey.

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If you are a woman in ministry or marketplace leadership, I would love to learn more about you!  Tell us about yourself in the comments section below.

Great days are ahead for women who lead! 


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  • Cynthia Cullen January 26, 2015  

    This is terrific! As an LU Alumni (’95) and as woman in church leadership the last 20 years, I am thrilled to see this launch at LU! Looking forward to being a part of this!

  • Kathie Phillips January 26, 2015  

    I also attended LU from 1992-1995. I currently oversee the Children’s Ministry (programming and staff) at our church. I was inspired by Christine’s talk this morning and look forward to more.

  • Carrie January 27, 2015  

    Until the 1st of this year, I was a pastor on staff at a church in southwest Michigan. Right now, I am preparing for what may be a transition to marketplace ministry for a season while I wait on God’s next move for me. Christine’s talk was so incredible and such a blessing. Inspiring me to continue walking out this crazy journey God has me on, and I’m excited to see Propel finally kick off!

  • Karen January 28, 2015  

    I’m so interested in learning more about the women participating. I have a lot to learn and have been looking for a network like this. Thanks!