Goals Not Set are Goals Not Achieved

Day 5 of the New Year.

Perhaps you’ve written some goals, resolutions, dreams, #oneword, etc and are off to a great start.

Maybe you’re scrambling to get clarity on your priorities for the year and you’re freaking out because the New Year is here, everyone is talking about their amazing plans for 2016 and you’ve got nothing.

I get it!

The New Year snuck up on me too.  Between a job transition, a book release and a move across town I was just happy to make it through December.  Preparing for the New Year was the furthest thing from my mind!

But I refuse to let the whirlwind keep me from being purposeful.  Even though I didn’t do all my usual processing, reflecting and goal setting before January 1st, doesn’t make it null and void.  5 days late is better than not at all.

If you’re in the same boat, I want to encourage you to not give up on making a plan for this year.

Richard Branson, one of the most audacious dreamers, said it so simply, “Make a list of what you want to achieve in 2016 and write it down.”

Here are a few great resources for making a plan to pursue all God has for you this year.  It’s not too late!

2016 Dream Guide by Jennie Allen

The 10 Biggest Mistakes You’re Making with Goal-Setting (Free Webinar) by Michael Hyatt

7 Areas to Focus your 2016 Goals by Rachel Cruze

One Word 2016 Guide by Margaret Feinberg

And I know what you’re thinking… the work week is already off to a roaring start. Your schedule is packed.  You’re catching up from being out for the holidays.  It seems as if you’ve missed the “Plan Your New Year Train”, but take out your calendar right now and find at least one hour that you can devote to thinking, planning, dreaming and praying for this year.  I promise this hour will not be wasted and I bet you’ll find it so valuable that you’ll plan another hour next week to finish what you start.

Thinking, planning and preparing is some of the most important work that you can give to your team.  Make the time and make it happen.

Here’s to 2016!

And pardon me while I go finish my own plan. 🙂






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  • Jon Stolpe January 5, 2016  

    Thanks for the challenge. I’m about halfway through my written goals for 2016. I really need to finish them up.

  • James Shupp March 14, 2016  

    Great post. I find that when I don’t have clearly stated goals that I’m “all over the place,” chasing rabbits and losing focus. Thanks for the reminder. I came to this post via Google. Good job!