Two Extraordinary Churches Share Their Staff Values


I’m deeply passionate about culture and how it impacts a team, and in turn their productivity (or lack thereof).  And we as leaders are keepers of culture.  Culture is never stagnant.  It is building or it is eroding every day.

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In today’s video we talked about how the values of an organization are the building blocks of culture.  What you value impacts how the team thinks, behaves and performs.

I asked two of my favorite churches to share their team values with us.  What I love about these documents is that they are totally different.  It reinforces one of the most important things that you need to remember when we’re creating your own values – they must be unique to your team.  You cannot copy or mimic someone else.  You need to capture the values that represent who you are.  Both Cross Point and Soul City do that well.

Cross Point Staff Values

Soul City Leadership Code

What values did you identify for your team or staff?  Do you already have staff values?  Share yours with us in the comments!

Creating an Extraordinary Team Culture

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  • Chris Theule-VanDam April 28, 2016  

    Thanks for the great post.
    Here are the values for our Young Life region:

    Core Values
    • Jesus Christ is central in our lives and message.
    • Our ministry method is Incarnational.
    • All of our ministry is supported by prayer.
    • The role of paid staff is to recruit, train, equip, and sustain teams of volunteers to do ministry.
    • We look, think, and act multi-culturally (race, gender, ethnicity).
    • We create an environment which encourages longevity for volunteers and paid staff.
    • We work responsibly in relationship with the larger church of Jesus Christ and pursue strong relationships with churches and other like-minded organizations.
    • We train at every level of our ministry and encourage both theological depth and creativity.

    • Jenni Catron April 30, 2016  

      Thank you for sharing Chris!