9 years and counting!

Today Merlyn and I celebrate our 9th anniversary!  Honestly I can’t believe I’m really old enough to be married that long, but I’m thankful that he has been willing to put up with me for all these years.

Merlyn lets me shine… and he’s completely comfortable with that.  He lets me follow my dreams.  He watches me push myself to the limit, start to crack, and then he consistently is there to cushion my fall, give me a pep talk (oftentimes a good wake up call) and helps me refocus and reset.  He’s a lot more patient with me than he probably should be.

Merlyn is my balance, my strength and my comic relief.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously (like I do), he doesn’t stress about all the little details (like I do) and he knows how to enjoy life (which I have trouble doing).

I’m so thankful for the moments that we have shared in these first nine years and anxious to see what God has in store for us for many more!

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  • Janice Catron February 27, 2008  

    Happy Anniversary! I couldn’t be more proud of the two of you–you complement each other so wonderfully. Nothing satisfies a parent’s heart more than seeing their children honoring the Lord in their marriage and loving each other unwaveringly.

    I love you both!

  • fullofboys February 27, 2008  

    Happy Anniversary to you both! The balance you talk about it wonderful in a marriage! Enjoy your day today!

  • Joe Esch February 27, 2008  

    Jenni & Merlyn, Happy Anniversary. I am so proud of the two of you. You both are a insperation to others. There are a lot more people who look up to you, than you will ever know. You truely live your lives in the eye’s of the Lord. There are very feel people I know you live there life as you do.

  • Pete Wilson February 27, 2008  

    Happy Anniversary! This is so exciting. I am so proud of the wonderful example you guys are. You guys should go out and celebrate tonight. Jenni, you leave the treo at home. Merlyn, you leave the gun at home!

  • Rachel February 27, 2008  

    Congratulation, JC! Your message was spot on for you & Merlyn…you are a perfect balance for each other. Can’t believe its been 9 years. Was thinking about your wedding…my funniest memory was of me & Shelby trying to cram those candlelabras into her little Sentra to return to the rental place…we didn’t know they would break down into smaller sections. Hope y’all have a wonderful day celebrating. Thanks for being an excellent model of marriage.

  • Linda Ojutkangas February 27, 2008  

    Happy Anniversary Jenni & Merlyn! Janice said it very eloquently….the two of you are an inspiration to everyone you meet. As a parent, it is extremely gratifying to watch the two of you love each other unconditionally and stick together through all of life’s obstacles. I am so proud of the both of you. Have a wonderful day, and yes….get out and celebrate tonight!
    I love you both,

  • Donna Esch February 27, 2008  

    Happy Anniversary Jenni & Merlyn! Dad is my hero and Mom is my rock but the two of you are my inspiration. It’s nice to finally see a marriage that works. You know we both haven’t had very good examples of this and it gives me hope that there is such a thing as a good marriage that can work. You two deserve to celebrate! Congratulations!! Love you both!

  • Brandi February 27, 2008  

    Happy Anniversary! I can’t believe you’re old enough to be married 9 years either! You must have married at a wee 18!! 🙂 Celebrate and enjoy. I love seeing a couple who view their different characteristics as balance rather than opposition! Congrats you two.

  • Ash February 27, 2008  

    Happy anniversary, you two! Matt and I certainly count ourselves blessed to have you both as friends and to have the privilege of learning from your great examples about marriage and life in general! Enjoy your day!

  • Brian February 27, 2008  

    Sorry guys, I did not know that it was your anniversary yesterday. Happy Anniversary a little late. BTW, don’t schedule a meeting on your anniversary again.


  • Tina Mitchell February 27, 2008  

    Congrats on 9 years!! THAT IS AWESOME!!!!!! It is so great to see a young couple so in love after 9 years! You guys are a GREAT example! Have a wonderful day focusing on each other!