I’m going to become a hermit…

I’m borderline hermit material anyway, given my deep need for alone time, but I think I could hole up for a year and never catch up on all the reading and studying that I want to do.  I’m high “Input” on the StrengthsFinder assessment (which basically means I love information), so that doesn’t help this issue at all either!

Here are four stacks of books that are on my reading list right now.  The first stack has been waiting on me forever, the second stack is a group of books that I’ve started or am in the middle of, the third stack is what I got this week at Q – and these were just the books given to me, not the ones that I want to order as a result of some of the discussions, and the fourth stack is a bunch of odds and ends that I have yet to get to. 

This doesn’t include the blogs I try to read daily – there’s about 50 blogs on that list. 

How do you keep up with all the information?  How do you decide what to read?  I need some help!

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  • Pete Wilson April 13, 2008  

    Simple: I read what you tell me to!

  • Brandi April 13, 2008  

    Well, I have two books I was going to pass onto you, but I’ll wait until you hit a reading lag! They are both fiction, so just let me know if you are interested.

  • Marla Saunders April 13, 2008  

    Jenni I love this post. I’m gonna do the same thing: pics of our reading stacks! That shows up tomorrow for sure. Now how to get my messy bedroom out of the background. Hmmmmm

    Anyone else want to show us pictures of their piles?

  • Janice April 14, 2008  

    My stacks are not as high as yours, Jenni, but that’s because I’m so frugal! I don’t allow myself to purchase more books until I at least get going on what I already have. Of course, there’s also the matter of space to put them! This is a timely post for me, though, because I finally, just this weekend, bought one of those “book lights” and decided that I will read every morning on my way to work on the commuter van (at 6:00am). Most mornings the rest of the crew sleep anyway so I’m cutting my conversations short to get more reading done. Your posts have inspired me in this!

  • George Stull April 14, 2008  


    I had to laugh after reading your post this morning. My intial reaction was to tell you to read another book about ‘choice overload’ 😉 –I just blogged about it this morning.

    A simple solution for me is to get the books I need and desire to read, off of my daily workspace, out my sight, and onto a bookcase for future enjoyment and consumption. Need and inspiration will direct you to them when necessary. Otherwise they just become a nagging reminder of what I hoped to do but didn’t.

    They’ll still be there later when you need em!

  • Rachel April 14, 2008  

    Get a bookshelf and only keep the ones you know you WILL read someday. Pass the others along or sell at your next yard sale. At least you won’t be stressed every time you see the piles and feel defeated. This advice is coming from “Piley” as Jim calls me with my endless piles around the house. It’s all about systems, find one that works for you; otherwise, get rid of all the books and start over. Life’s too short. 🙂