Scott Hodge on Women of Influence Week

Continuing with our Women of Influence Week I thought it would be good to get the male perspective. Scott Hodge recently did a cool series at The Orchard entitled “That’s What She Said” where each weekend they focused on a specific quote from some great women in the Bible.

Here is what Scott shared about that series and our topic of women of influence:

We launched the series by diving into the life of Esther and highlighting her infamous quote, “I will go to the king and if I die, I die.” This was such a refreshing reminder of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things! Esther simply recognized God’s call and responded with unforgettable courage. What a great story…

On Mother’s Day, which landed in the middle of the series, I interviewed four amazing moms from The Orchard who shared some of the challenges, struggles and stories of how God has guided them through their journeys of motherhood. This was a HOME RUN weekend for The Orchard! Their authenticity was truly inspiring and the response was powerful! You can take a listen here. Beyond giving us all practical life lessons, this series also stretched, challenged and empowered the women in our church community in a powerful way!

THAT’S what she said…. 🙂

Scott Hodge | lead pastor | orchard valley community church

Where do you need to recognize God’s call and respond with courage?

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  • Brian Alexander May 28, 2008  


    You were expecting this comment weren’t you.

    If the next series has to do with poker, I am moving to Aurora, Illinois.

  • Jenni Catron May 28, 2008  

    Brian – I am so not surprised! 🙂