Gifted to Lead – Session 1 & 2 highlights

It’s a great day at Gifted to Lead so far!  I am so inspired by the wealth of wisdom, humor, and heart of Nancy Beach and Nancy Ortberg – two truly remarkable women!

Nancy Beach opened the day challenging us to think about the defining moments in our life as leaders.  She encouraged us to look back at moments in our youth and into adulthood that helped define this gifting in our lives.  Then she made us draw them and share them with the women at our tables.  (I’ve got some good chicken scratches).

In session two, Nancy Ortberg talked about the ‘Vision of Your Calling’.  She challenged us that we need to stop asking the question “Is it ok to be a woman leader” and to start seeking God for how to define the vision for uniquely using this gift of leadership in our lives.

Will share more soon…

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  • Kelli August 6, 2008  

    Sounds like good stuff. I can’t wait til I’m able to attend more things like this

  • Jenn August 6, 2008  

    Jenni – can I just come sit with you when you get back and try to soak some of this up by osmosis? Seriously, you are such a wonderful example of leadership to me and I learn often from you!

  • Jenni Catron August 6, 2008  

    @Jenn – I would LOVE to attempt to share what I’m learning! It’s time for us to have lunch anyway!!

  • ncarnes August 7, 2008  

    Do women struggle a lot with accepting a role of leadership? Is it because they have been made out to be 2nd rate leaders or something? I know you commented on my blog about Millennials being more open to being led by a woman, is it a generational thing? I don’t see problems with it, but I guess I could see from a legalistic church standpoint how some women have been held back. If it is a generational thing, I may be too young to understand the difference.

    The church administrator where I work (who is my direct supervisor) is a woman and I have never thought anything of it, she oversees all of the operations of the church and does a great job, probably better than the men around here, so I am sorry if this is so long, but I was just wondering how women felt about their leadership roles, thus resulting in Nancy Ortberg’s comment.