Sunday Catch Up


We’ve been talking about Dream Job: What You Do Matters at Cross Point the last few weeks.

But this series has been less about finding that elusive “dream job” and more about understanding your unique giftedness, how God has wired you and how to be about that rather than identifying yourself with a specific job.

Good stuff!

Yesterday we had some discussions about personality, so I thought it would be fun to continue that.

We did a brief personality test in the service – yes, that’s right personality assessments in church!  You know why?  Because God has given each of us our unique personality and in order to understand how God wants to use us we have to understand how he’s wired us.

Here’s what my personality looks like according to various assessments:

Myers-Briggs: ISTJ or INTJ (the S&N results are so close that depending on when I take the test I get different results)

I = Introverted

N = Intuitive or S = Sensing

T = Thinking

J = Judging

DISC: High “D” (dominant, driver)

Strengths Finder: Achiever, Intellection, Focus, Input, Learner

Achiever: a constant need for achievement

Intellection: like to think

Focus: need a clear destination

Input: inquisitive, collect information

Learner: love to learn

Have you done any of these tests before?  If so, what were your results?

Go take the test and tell us more about you!

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  • brewster November 10, 2008  

    high I high D
    subpar S,C,

    in stress im D,I,

  • Heidi November 11, 2008  

    Extraverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving
    Strength of the preferences %
    67 1 50 22

    Oh so me!!!

  • Travis Thompson November 11, 2008  

    Hey Jenni,

    We’ve been playing with the DISC stuff on our leadership team and in our small groups for a while – it really helps us understand how to deal with each other, or better yet, understand ourselves when dealing with others

    I’m an ENTJ. I think Ben Arment told me that most church leaders will skew towards NT.

    On DISC, I’m a CDS, meaning I’m above the midline on all three.

    The most interesting thing I’ve learned about DISC is that, when stressed, we all retreat to our second temperament.

  • Jonathan November 11, 2008  

    Haven’t taken the Myers Briggs in 14 years. At that point, I was an INTJ. As I’ve aged, I’m probably more of an ENTJ.

    I wouldn’t have guessed that you lean toward introversion.

  • jan owen November 11, 2008  

    I’ve done them all…..some multiple times!

    Meyers-Briggs – INFJ – the MOST unusual combiniation with less than 1% of the total population having this personality type. I knew I was different. 🙂 Very intuitive, large interior space, deep thinker, it’s all about how things “feel” to me. Note that this is different from emotions……It’s more intuition, which is hard to explain. This explained ALOT to me.

    DISC – S – I (Steadfast, Influencer) – mine are almost equal, with the Steadfast scoring only a little bit higher. Big thing to note here – both are people-oriented, which makes me always focus on people more than tasks.

    Strengthsfinder: 1)Connectedness 2) Arrranger 3) Achiever 4) Belief 5) Empathy

  • Jenni Catron November 11, 2008  

    Love learning more about your personalities!

    @Jonathan – I know the introvert can surprise people but I am reenergized by alone time which is the differential for this assessment. I can turn on the “extrovert” but have to get alone to regroup.

  • Lindsey Nobles November 11, 2008  

    I am a ESFJ (The Helper).

    Strengthsfinders – Focus, Context, Individualization, Responsibility and WOO (I have also taken it and dropped Focus and added Input).

    These tests are so interesting to me. I now need to go the next step and do Marcus’ I Love It/I Loathe It exercise. Not quite as fun but definitely important.

  • Brooke November 11, 2008  

    INFP …does that mean I like to be alone while I sort out my disorganized messes?

    My Strengths Finder Top 5:

    I don’t think I got to finish our Spiritual Gifts class due to Paisley being born, but best I can recall they aligned pretty well with these strengths…

    Now what do we do with this information?!

  • Brooke November 11, 2008  

    oops, just took the “real” thing and it looks like I tested as an INFJ, which really surprises me. Maybe I pay a little more attention to detail than I thought! But I still would say I’m less strict and more inclined to improvise…which can make my “J” family and friends crazy!!

  • jan owen November 11, 2008  

    @Brooke – it means you pay attention to the details that matter to you. Minute details bore you! We are the same so I get it.

  • Jessica Turner November 11, 2008  

    We just did the DISC at work – I am an extremely high D and an extremely high I. Shocking, right?

    We should grab lunch sometime soon, Jenni! 🙂

  • Brooke November 11, 2008  

    @jan ~ you are exactly right!