Sit on the Other Side


I have a tendency to get stuck in my routine.  It’s probably one of my greatest challenges to effectiveness.  Although routine can be good and oftentimes helps me stay focused to accomplish the full list of tasks and meetings that consume my week.  Routine can be bad in that I get stuck, uninspired and bored.

To get “un-stuck”, I have to change my perspective.  I have to make myself uncomfortable.  I have to take myself out of the routine.

I call this “sitting on the other side”.  Sometimes I will literally sit on the other side of my desk… Away from my computer… Away from my (somewhat) organized workspace… to gain fresh perspective.

It’s amazing how a few moments on “the other side” can refresh my perspective and energize me.  I wonder how often in life I would avoid my frustration with life, work, friends, family, etc. if I would “sit on the other side” for just a moment… change my perspective… and see a situation with fresh eyes?

What’s your rut?

Where are you stuck?

What can you do to change your perspective and “sit on the other side”?

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  • Debbie January 21, 2009  

    I like to sit in different areas of my church. This sounds crazy but it also helps me meet new people.

  • Jenni Catron January 21, 2009  

    That’s a great one Debbie!

  • mikegothard January 21, 2009  

    That’s funny, Jenni…I am the same way. I thrive on routine but need a shake-up every few months. And I do exactly what you do…sit in a different chair in my office on the other side of the desk, work off different white boards, hang out in the conference room for a day, change journals, etc. I collect/restore/use vintage fountain pens and sometimes just changing pens for a day is a huge boost.

  • lisa January 21, 2009  

    Saying yes, I’ve learned to say yes to things like voluntering even if it is something I have never done before. Saying yes to new friends and job opportunity’s. Even just saying yes to God . Since I have started saying yes life has gotten way more exciting !

  • brent(inWorship) January 21, 2009  

    I enter ruts most often, when I get too busy. I see the need to streamline and adjust my life around what has to be done. As a creative person, this kills my “arts” side.

    How do I get out? I am still learning that. At least I know the problem and how to care for myself to not get there. It’s a start 🙂