Catron House Wars – The Rebuttal

This weekend I posted an edition of Catron House Wars discussing our grocery shopping habits.  My sweet husband wrote a rebuttal that I thought was only fair to post.


Well, well, well…I see that my wife has taken advantage of the fact that I don’t always read all her blog postings to slide in a point about our differing philosophies regarding grocery purchasing.  I would like to respond to this post by offering the following questions…

1. Have you ever been to the store to buy a particular food item and they were out of it?
2. Have you ever gone to the pantry to start a meal only to find you were out of something you needed?
3. Do you have a favorite brand or type of food that you suddenly couldn’t find in the store anymore?
4. Have you ever been to Walmart on Charlotte Pike and, if so, do you prefer going there more often?
5. If something you use is on sale, won’t you save money by buying more of it then rather than later when it’s not?  (This applies to consumable items only – NOT SHOES)
6. If you’re going to use it, why not have it?

By the way, I like pinto beans.  They keep a long time and if I want some right now, I know there will be some in there.

And another thing…if any of you who are more like my frugal wife (who would go to the store and buy half a celery stalk if that’s all that was needed) should suddenly show up at our house one day, destitute, and in need of a meal, guess what…I’ll have enough pinto beans to share some with you.

So, will you be prepared to help others in their time of need?  WWJD?  He’d have the beans…

I’ll admit, he makes some good points…  and he’s pretty entertaining too (except for the shoe comment).

Think I should let him post more often?

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  • Kevin February 23, 2009  

    You go Mr. Catron…..good post. Yes, you made some great points, I am just surprised you did not repremand her for using your name….maybe I should not have reminded you of that…sorry Jenni…

    I find it hard to believe that it is actually a war between the two of you, but if so, I admire you for being real and that you did not try to “sugarcoat” it by referring to it as “intense fellowships” like some other friends we both know.

    As far as “letting him post” I think we all know that what is “yours is mine, and mine is yours”….so post away man.

  • brandiandboys February 23, 2009  

    i took his side at #4… seriously, wal-mart on charlotte gives me the heeby-jeebies!

    but then he totally lost me on #5… multiple shoe purchases at sale prices are totally acceptable.

    and the WWJD reference made me LOL!

  • Paula L February 23, 2009  

    I have to give you credit for letting him say something – not many wives give their husband’s the platform! (and it is YOUR platform) Although you have been SO gracious with him, I tend to agree with him. Wal-mart in Toledo – once is enough! If you need Welch’s grape jam, we have it – along with massive jars of Jif peanut butter!

    I just don’t have the heart to agree with the pinto beans though – boys will be boys!

  • Andy Borgmann February 23, 2009  

    I can’t believe he threw in the WWJD comment. That’s suppose to the cheesy pastor’s response, not the pastor’s spouse response 😉

    I will disagree with brandiandboys and multiple shoe purchases whether on sale or not are totally not acceptable.

  • holly February 23, 2009  

    I meant to comment on the first version, but didn’t get around to it.

    this is hilarious – I’m in between the two of you. I understand frugality, but also stocking up when you have the space (and I also love pinto beans).

    However, what I’m most impressed with is the fact that he even went to the grocery store! Seriously, in our house that would be a major accomplishment. If I’m out of town I first stock up on what he will eat when I’m gone. I can’t fathom the idea of Nate going grocery shopping, and even if I could, I wouldn’t let him because he would spend twice as much as me. 🙂

    I completely agree with #4 – scary place – spend the extra money and go to Publix – money well spent!

  • Rachel Rowell February 23, 2009  

    LOL…….well, at least we know where we can find us a big ole’ case of the toots!!! 😉

    Yep, I think should let him post more. It’ll keep us all well entertained.

  • lindseyreadenobles February 24, 2009  

    That is hilarious! It was 18 cans of pinto beans right? He makes good points and I could understand if it was like 6 cans but 18 is over the top.

  • Janice February 24, 2009  

    Definitely entertaining….but, did I teach you to shop like that? I’m more the frugal type, like the Lord may come back before I can eat all of that and it would be wasted! I must admit, it is aggravating to start something only to find out you’re missing a key ingredient…..

    Janice, aka Mr. Catron’s mom

  • mandy February 24, 2009  

    this is to funny!!! 🙂 #4 – all i have to say is “amen”. if i never have to go back there it would be a blessing!! i tend to call pat and have him pick up my few things there, since it is on his way home……
    i do agree with you on the fresh stuff jenni. i would also just buy enough veggies for what i need. they go bad to fast! we need a little farmer market stand to set up at the end of our subdivisions. i would totally go everyday! 🙂

  • Jenni Catron February 24, 2009  

    Thanks for joining our fun little banter! I have finally given in and now coveted to not shop at Walmart on Charlotte anymore – that has been a bit of a Catron House War of it’s own – he didn’t think it was safe and I’m bound and determined to prove that I can handle it ;).

    @Holly – good point… I should be very thankful that he is willing to go the grocery store at all. He actually seems to enjoy it and goes quite frequently. It does stress out my frugal nature but I am thankful he’s willing to help in that way.

  • Monica Hunt February 24, 2009  

    The WWJD reference cracked me up! …he lost my support with the shoe remark…I mean if we know we’re goin to buy shoes why not buy lots when they are on sale! 🙂

  • Dad February 24, 2009  

    Well done Merlyn. Like Jenni, I am likely to buy only what I need. Never was a lot of food in my house as you well know, other than beer. Now that I have Colette in my life I see the opposite side of things. We have enough food in our house to feed an army. Good thing for me as I never go hungery anymore. Only thing is she doesn’t like me to go shopping with her. Colette buys health food. Not me.

    Love you both.

  • lisapbjcreations February 24, 2009  

    Love this guys ,I am right in between the both of you. Love to stock up on a sale. Always try to stick to list. I do shop at Wal-Mart ,but only because I have some karate skills and it does save me some money. They also sell art supplies which to me is a bonus. Does require a trip to Sam’s for produce but I get my Gas there. You guys are awesome great post !

  • tam February 27, 2009  

    um. you dont wanta give me beans at your house. but thanks for the offer. and Jesus wouldnt give me any either.