The Big Ten

It seems like just yesterday I was preparing to walk down the aisle to say “I do”.


I remember that day so vividly.

I remember sitting in the bride’s room with my wedding dress straddled over a kid’s chair so that it wouldn’t get crumbled while I wrote checks for the last few expenses of the wedding.  (That’s me – all business all the time.)

I remember sneaking out of the bride’s room to go make sure the cake looked okay and that the reception area was set up properly.

I remember looking into my Dad’s eyes before we walked down the aisle and seeing how emotional the day was for him to “give away” his firstborn daughter.

I remember having to walk so carefully down the aisle because my dress had stretched out from hanging on the hanger and was too long.  I literally walked like a toy soldier kicking my leg out completely in front of me so that I wouldn’t step on it.

I remember the teary smile of my soon-to-be-husband as I approached the altar to meet him.

That day – 10 years ago today – I pledged my life to him, Merlyn Ryan Catron.

In 10 years, we’ve shared a lot.  We’ve grown.  We’ve changed.  We’ve succeeded.  We’ve failed.  We’ve laughed.  We’ve cried.  We’ve fought.  We’ve reconciled.

Most days he knows me better than I know myself.  He protects me fiercely.  He loves me dearly.  And he refuses to let me be less than my best.

10 has not always come easy.  And I suspect that the next 10 will share their mix of joys and sorrows.  But I am sure that it is worth it.  I am sure that I want 10 more.

I love you, dude!  Happy Anniversary!

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  • Ladybird February 27, 2009  

    How sweet! Happy Anniversary Jenni and Merlyn!

    BTW – Merlyn is such an AWESOME name!

  • mandy February 27, 2009  

    happy anniversary!!!!!

  • Jennifer February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary! Congratulations to both of you.

  • Janice February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary to the two I love the most! I am truly blessed to have such wonderful children and thankful that you know where your priorities are in life.

    Janice, a.k.a. Mom

  • ash February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary, you two! I love you both!

  • Brooke February 27, 2009  

    Happy 10th Anniversary!! what a milestone and accomplishment

  • Linnae Hoppe February 27, 2009  

    yay!!! so awesome! I can’t wait to walk through life with someone!

  • Aaron February 27, 2009  


  • brandiandboys February 27, 2009  

    happy anniversary you two!

  • holly February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary to such an awesome couple!!

  • Rachel February 27, 2009  

    Happy anniversary! I hope Merlyn reads your blog today. 🙂 What I remember about that day is The Ham family all being there (???), noticing that pipe organ’s beautiful music that Merlyn had to have (and did he play his French horn too?) and Susannah saying how she had to have your dress for her wedding. And of course you know the crazy story about the reception clean-up with the candelabras in Shelby’s Sentra…oh word! Anyway, I can’t believe how fast 10 years have passed. You are two individuals who come together to make a great marriage. Here’s to many more, my friend! 🙂

  • Holly Black February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary to an awesome couple!!!!

  • brent(inWorship) February 27, 2009  

    Very Cool!

    Happy Anniversary!

  • sugardaddydating February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary! lucky 10 I should say))))

  • Kevin February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary to you both. That blog brought some little tears to my eyes. Hope the dude reads this one today. Love you both. Cherish the day!

  • lisa February 27, 2009  

    happy anniversary !

  • Michelle February 27, 2009  

    Happy Anniversary!!

  • Jenni Catron February 27, 2009  

    Thanks everyone!

  • Jessica February 28, 2009  

    I remember sitting on your bathroom floor in the middle of me doing your hair to eat Burger king ( i think it was) i remember watching Merlyn (not you) walk down the isle becuause it was the first and only time I have seen him CRY

    I pray for even better next Ten Years! Happy Ann. Hope you had a good night!

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  • tam March 5, 2009  

    oh darn.

    HAPPY 10 YEARS….and a week 😕

    congrats, lady!