Sunday Highlights


We continued the “Hope Now” series today at Cross Point Nashville with “Hope for your Marriage” showcasing the powerful story of Justin & Trisha Davis.  The entire message was on video this week and interspersed the Davis’ story with teaching segments from Pete.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house today.  The video will be ready for you to watch in a few days if you missed it.  In the meantime you can go to Justin & Trisha’s blog to read more about their story and God’s beautiful redemption.

Hope is a beautiful thing.

Where do you need hope today?  How can I pray for renewed hope for you this week?

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  • Paula L May 3, 2009  

    Jenni: My 16-year old is mad at the world and down on himself lately. He seems to be hurting and lashes out with sarcasm. Please pray that God would give Andrew renewed hope and for wisdom for me to encourage appropriately. Thanks!

  • Julie May 4, 2009  

    I would appreciate prayer for finances. We’re stretched about as thin as we can be in that area and there is no obvious change in sight. Honestly, I don’t even know what to pray anymore in this situation, so thanks for your offer to pray for us.

  • jan owen May 5, 2009  

    jenni, i need renewed hope with two of my children. they just seem to be walking further and further away from God. It breaks my heart but they are adults and I am just praying they encounter God in a vivid way that brings them back.