Tony Morgan “Killing Cockroaches” Tour Session 1

We’re so privileged to be hosting Tony Morgan for the “Killing Cockroaches” Tour today.  Enjoy my notes!

5 Reasons We Settle for Killing Cockroaches

1) You’ll settle for something that is not God’s plan.

Are you settling?

Formula for leaders: Listen to the voice of God + obey the voice of God = clear vision.

When was the last time you heard from God?  We can’t lead the lives of other people if we aren’t hearing the voice of God.

Clear vision:

  • sets expectations and fosters unity
  • facilitates decision-making for the future
  • creates a framework for priorities
  • attracts talent and resources.

2) The ministry will outgrow you.

Acts 6

We are so engaged in doing ministry, at some point we find ourselves not doing the ministry God has called us to.

Where are you doing ministry that isn’t the ministry God has called you to do?

Who are the people in your life that have the potential to step into leadership and are you enabling them to step into it?

Leaders always think they can do it better than the next person, but ultimately that attitude is going to limit  your influence.

Empowering leaders is critical to moving to the next step in your leadership.

3) You’ll stay to focused on the execution rather than the outcomes.

Know the difference between delegation and empowerment.

Delegation – giving specific tasks

Empowerment – giving ownership

In the church we tend to be very slowly to call people into leadership positions.  Are we calling leaders around us to step up into roles?  We need to empower other leaders around us or our leadership is going to be limited.

Great leaders (volunteer & staff) will leave your ministry if you focus on execution instead of outcomes.  If all you do is tell people where to go, eventually they’ll go.

Potential leaders will ask these types of questions:

  • Am I needed?
  • Will I have input?
  • Will they keep me in the loop?  (Leaders don’t want to be surprised about anything.)
  • Do they care about me or are they just using me.  (Leaders don’t want to be just plugged into a system.)
  • Will they let me lead?
  • Do I get to do something significant?

4) You’ll avoid giving volunteers the opportunity to serve and lead.

Ultimately this is our calling as pastors/church leaders. (Ephesians 4:12-13)

As church leaders, we know how to do ministry.  It’s a lot harder to equip God’s people to do ministry.  But this is our role.

I Corinthians 12

Part of our responsibility as leaders is to help people understand and develop how God has gifted them.

Where is it that leaders can actually serve in your church?  We have a lot of “do it” roles, but not a lot of leadership roles.

We have to get to a point where we are leading other leaders.

5) You’ll embrace fear and/or pride rather than humility.

All leaders at some level wrestle with pride or fear or both.  They are private sins but ultimately become public sins if we don’t deal with them.

1 Peter 5

Humility – acknowledging who I am in my relationship with God

We’re powerful only to the extent that we are drawing our power from God.

Embracing humility counteracts fear.

More to come…

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  • Kevin July 17, 2009  

    The rest of the staff will go home now, then come back to your blog tonight to get the rest of the info. LOL……Great Notes.

  • Heidi July 17, 2009  

    This so meaty. I want to stop and pause on alot of them and just absorb them through me. WOW

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