Friday Fun – Connect with Your Inner Teenager

This post is coming a little late this weekend because my big Friday Fun carried over into the wee hours.  Yes, the wee hours!  I actually went to the 10:00 PM showing of “New Moon” last night.  I know… call me crazy! 🙂  I’m rarely still awake at 10 PM, let alone just going to see a movie.

So me and a few friends braved a theater full of giddy girls (and a few obnoxious ones) to see the movie we’ve been waiting for for months.  They saved the very front row for us! 😉

All in all, we had a great night.  I actually stayed awake for the entire movie.  Bella saved Edward.  Jacob was a believable rival.  The special effects for the wolves were cool.  And it ended with the proposal.  Everything I expected the movie to be.

One of my business friends told me earlier in the week, “I’m proud of you for connecting with your inner teenager.”  That’s exactly what I did.  For an evening I forgot the pressures of my busy world, the looming deadlines, the budgets that don’t balance and the huge “to do” list that I need to accomplish before Thanksgiving company arrives.  I just enjoyed a story.

I enjoyed the moment.

Sometimes I don’t do that enough.

When’s the last time you connected with your inner teenager?


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