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Even before I began working in full-time ministry, I loved serving the local church.

My husband and I were newly married, I was crisscrossing the country traveling for my job in the music business and yet we still made it a priority to volunteer at the new church plant which we were excited to be a part of.  Serving was an opportunity for me to be a part of a community that I loved, but I quickly discovered that there was a weightier leadership responsibility to this volunteer role than I was anticipating.  I thought I could show up, volunteer my time and go on with my busy life.  What surprised me was how much my leadership skills would be put to the test as I attempted to lead a group of volunteers.

Can you relate?

Time and time again I talk to church staff and volunteers who find themselves exasperated by the challenges they face in their role of leadership at their local church.

Let’s be honest… leadership is hard.  It’s a difficult calling and responsibility, but it can also be extraordinarily rewarding and fulfilling.

Join me and LifeWay Leadership for a FREE webinar May 17th where I’ll share more of my experiences, thoughts and practical ideas for how we can lead from our extraordinary best (and find joy doing it!). 

Leadership Pipeline

The Role of the Leader

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