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There is a cool website called GoodSearch that makes donations to non-profit organizations for on-line searches and shopping.  I have been using this sight for nearly a year and directing my donations to Refined Inc., the non-profit company that I co-founded that is designed to equip church leaders with tools and resources to enhance and support their ministry.  Would you consider using GoodSearch as your main search engine (instead of Google), as well as for your on-line shopping?  It’s really simply to use and the donations add up quickly! 

 Here’s how it works:

  • Go to
  • In the ‘Who Do You Search For’ box, enter Refined, Nashville, TN
  • On this page you can also choose the option to add GoodSearch to your toolbar and/or make it your home page.  I’ve put it in my toolbar so that any time I search it’s right there and is pre-set to direct donations to Refined.  (Please note, every couple of months my charity box clears out and I have to reenter Refined.)
  • Also on this page, you can click the tab for shopping.  Most of your favorite on-line retailers are here including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Expedia, Travelocity,,, Ebay and more.  I’ve already booked flights and hotels and received donations for Refined!  And I promise, it’s not complicated at all – you just have to go to the retailer through the GoodSearch site to get the donation (just make sure Refined is in your charity box).

Thanks for considering it!  Every little bit helps. 

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