I Am Not the Light

I’ve always wanted to be a star – to shine – to be known.

I dream great dreams.  I want to accomplish great things.  It seems it’s who I am.

Others have affirmed this too.  I’ve been told,

“You were born to shine.”

“You will change the world.”

But my heartfelt dreams and these well-intentioned affirmations have often lived in contradiction with finding my place from a Kingdom perspective.

In our #LentChallenge reading this week, John 1:8 says:

He (John the Baptist) himself was not the light; he came only as a witness to the light.

My aspirations to be a star are misplaced.  I am meant to reflect the light… to point to the light,  but not to be the light.

In an era of selfies and celebrities, how do we keep our perspective properly placed? 

How do you reflect the light without trying to misplace the light?



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