Q Day 1

My head is full and it’s only day 1!

There is so much to talk about, but I’m not sure where to begin.  The beauty is that I’m connecting with a bunch of great bloggers who are blogging live from Q.  Here are a few blogs that you should check out to learn more about our experience – it’s worth it!

DJ Chuang

Scott Hodge


I’ll add more to the discussion soon!


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  • terry timm April 10, 2008  

    hey jenni,

    q is amazing is it not! my mind was spinning late into the night.

    question for you: as a women concerned about leadership, how do you feel about a event that is dominated by male voices? do you think we will heard from any females? do women have a role in creating culture? love to hear your thoughts

  • Jenni Catron April 10, 2008  

    Great question! I wish we were hearing from some females at Q… maybe we still will. I definitely think women have the ability to create culture… I immediately think of Queen Elizabeth 1, Esther, Eleanor Roosevelt, Mother Theresa, etc.

    I’m guest blogging on Pete Wilson’s blog today at http://withoutwax.tv about some of my overall feelings on women in leadership. You should check that out too. Hope to meet you today at Q!