Guest Blogger – Marla Saunders featuring “Leadership Gold” from John Maxwell

My friend Marla had the privilege to attend a seminar with John Maxwell yesterday.  John has been a tremendous leadership in my life and in this generation and Marla was gracious enough to share some of the highlights with us.  Thanks Marla! 


It Is Not Lonely at the Top

Leadership Gold is the latest offering from leadership expert John Maxwell. This is the book that took 60 years to write. John promised himself that when he turned 60 he would write a book outlining all the best leadership principles: the ones that “bubbled to the top” over his long career in leadership, motivation and pastoring. The result is Leadership Gold, a book that has already sold over 200,000 copies in its first four weeks, a record even for John Maxwell. Today John treated us to a one day Leadership Gold seminar at my church, Christ Fellowship in West Palm Beach. This is the church that John Maxwell calls home, and the Leadership Gold seminar was his way of giving back to the West Palm Beach community and Christ Fellowship in particular. 



(Be sure to check out more about the seminar over at Marla’s blog Coffee Shop Journal.) 

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