Friday Fun

Since I work Sunday through Thursday, I enjoy Fridays and Saturdays off and since Merlyn is working on Fridays, Fridays have become my designated “fun” day… a day for me to do whatever I want to do while the rest of the world is working.

Here’s some of my Friday Fun for this week:

  • Ran 5 miles with Ash
  • Met the running team (Rachel, Shelby & Ashley) for a post race breakfast get together
  • Went to Teavana – one of my absolute favorite stores – and got a new supply of Roobios Orange tea and Mrs. Earl Gray tea
  • Got some new lip gloss at Whole Foods Body
  • Bought a running skirt – I’ve been wanting one of these for awhile – they are so cute! (I’m always looking for an excuse to keep me motivated to run… this should be good for a few extra miles this week!)
  • Doing some laundry… I know that doesn’t sound like fun, but my sick, twisted A type personality finds great joy in getting stuff crossed off my list!
  • Reading!
  • Going to dinner with my husband since his softball games were cancelled

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  • anne jackson May 9, 2008  

    i didn’t know they had teavana there! that is my #1 thing i miss (outside of family and friends and mexican food, of course) in dallas!!

  • Marla Saunders May 9, 2008  

    Sounds like a great day, Jenni. I’m getting my oldest daughter off to Prom tomorrow, so we’ve been doing the girlie stuff around here. Youngest daughter comes home from Costa Rica tomorrow and my week “off” ends. Breaks from routine are so nice!

    You totally inspire me with your running. Way to go!

  • Rachel May 10, 2008  

    Glad to see you did get your errands done. After all of my complaining about the house, we have kicked it into high gear around here. I planted new plants yesterday around the yard. Jim pressure-washed the deck, sidewalks and porches. Today I’ve painted our porch light and the deck furniture while Jim stained the deck and moved a lot of rocks from the yard and made a junk pile. Our kids have been parked inside most of the day except for Jim’s 2 trips to Lowes but they seem fine. Bix & I are finally venturing outside for fun while JoRay and Jim nap. Ah, such a nice Saturday and we’re checking things off the list (I love that too!).