Chapman Family Loss


I have been wrestling with this story all day.

I can’t imagine the pain.

I can’t imagine the loss.

I can’t find a way to help with the hurt. I wish that I could.

The only thing I know to do is to PRAY.

To pray for the Chapmans…

To pray for the people closest to them – for them to find the words to encourage, support and provide hope at this time.

Why doesn’t it seem like this is enough?

A great blog has been set up to encourage the family. You can send them a message HERE.

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One comment

  • terry timm May 22, 2008  

    jenny, i feel the same way you do. from the moment i heard about his early this morning my heart has been broken. as a dad, with biological and adoptive children, a guitarist and worship leader and someone who has been greatly blessed by steven’s music i feel a deep connection to steven and his pain. i too wish i could do something about their pain.