A God-Sized Leap

Soul City Church

C H I C A G O!

Something about that skyline just makes me smile.  I love big cities.  The energy, congestion, never-rest intensity and culture of big cities inspires me.

But big cities also overwhelm me… the sheer number of searching souls, the people you pass by on the street corners, the eccentric individual on the subway, the single mom juggling two jobs and three children, the student waiting tables and scraping by to get through college, the young professional trying to have it all, the business man driving in at the crack of dawn and arriving home after the kids are in bed… the rat race and the hustle & bustle quickly becomes overwhelming.

Lost, searching souls desperate for HOPE…

That’s why I’m so excited about Soul City Church.

My friends Jarrett & Jeanne Stevens are taking a massive leap of faith to launch Soul City Church in Chicago Spring 2010.  I’m a huge fan of the theory that “new churches reach new people” and I really believe that Jarrett & Jeanne are responding to God’s calling on their life to create a community that will reach this city in a powerful way.

So here’s the deal…

We can help!  A step of faith of this magnitude requires a lot.  A lot of time, a lot of leadership, a lot of resources, a lot of prayer.  Jarrett & Jeanne are amazing leaders and I know that they are investing all of these “a lots” in a big way.

But I would like to ask you guys to consider how you can help.

The Soul City team have launched the campaign “Year End Is Our Start” and they are raising the resources to help launch Soul City.  We’ve been asked to specifically help contribute to the Creative Workspace for their team.

The need for that project is $6,000.

Will you consider being a part of this?

I rarely ask and I wouldn’t ask if I didn’t completely believe in this vision.

Pop on over to YEARENDSTART.COM to be a part!

You can also hear more from Jarrett & Jeanne here:


Follow the Soul City Story at:



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