Monday Morning Mini-Series – Staff Value #5

Our staff value mini-series continues today…

Cross Point Staff Value #5

Own It – we are serious about understanding our passion and purpose and living that out everyday.  Galatians 6:4-5

One of my greatest joys as a ministry leader is seeing the unique and diverse blend of people that God has brought to Cross Point.  I love it!  I love watching them all play their role and contribute to making the body of Christ operate.  Once on staff, however, there is this dangerous tendency for us to start limiting where and how we’ll serve.  We can easily drift to an attitude that we’ll only contribute if it’s part of our job description.

This staff value reminds us to “own it” – all of it.  God has given us a massive opportunity to be a part of this and we’re blessed to earn a paycheck in the process.

“Own it” means:

  • Know who you are and how God has gifted you and bring it to the table EVERY DAY!
  • Embrace the vision of Cross Point and pursue it with us in a radical way
  • Take responsibility; if you see something that needs to be done, do it; don’t ever give into the complacent attitude that it’s “someone else’s job”
  • Don’t settle; God has given us a massive opportunity and responsibility; don’t take it for granted

How are you owning the responsibility to steward the gifts, talents and uniquenesses that God has given you?  Own it!

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